1. Free spare parts:
a) SHANSU provides spare parts of 0.3% of the PI amount as free of charge with the bulk goods order together.
2. Ordering services for a full range of spare parts for SHANSU scooters:
a) According to the order quantity of scooters, customers usually purchase an appropriate amount of common or quick-wear parts to establish their own after-sales system.
b) The purchased parts can be shipped with the bulk order or separately by air, and the customer needs to pay all the costs.

3. For parts that are defective after receiving the goods or damaged during transportation:
a) SHANSU will provide free parts replacement. Due to the expensive air freight, we suggest to ship it with the next orders, especially for large and heavy parts such as motors.
b) If the customer needs to replace those parts urgently, we can provide air transportation service. SHANSU provides free parts, and the customer bears the air transportation cost. For a small amount, SHANSU could share it.
c) Please remember that some parts, such as batteries, packaging, etc., do not support air transportation.

4. The warranty period shall be calculated from the date of sailing, the whole vehicle is guaranteed for ONE year.

5. The following parts or conditions are not included in the warranty scope:
a) Tires, rims, brake parts, wheel bearings, steering head bearings and other vulnerable parts.
b) Due to improper use, parts may cause damage to the whole vehicle or accessories, especially:
Improper use of jumping, descending steps, stairs, limits, etc., or quality problems caused by the following reasons: modification, overload, environmental pollution, wrong charger or wrong charging method, etc.

6. The matters not mentioned above can be solved through discussion.